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Music Folder Player provides some unique features

Folder playback

As the name of the app suggests, Music Folder player plays folders instead of albums.

Automatic resuming

For each folder Music Folder Player remembers where you left. This is very useful if you listen to podcasts or audio books but sometimes want to hear music. You progress will never get lost.

Car/sports screen

Music Folder Player provides a screen with big buttons which is meant to be used while driving or during sport activities.

Flexible configuration

Music Folder Player provides a lot of options to adjust the behavoir of the app


Learn more about the features of Music Folder Player

Material Design

Use a bright or dark theme in Material Design

Flat folder list

Best choice for small music collections

"Explorer" view mode

Best choice if you have a large collection with sub-folders


Play and manage you favorite tracks in a virtual folder.

Seek buttons

Four configurable seek buttons to navigate within a track


Four customizable settings and 8 predefined settings

Speed control

Allows you to speed up your podcasts and audio books with pitch correction (not for music) (Android 4.2+)

432 Hz

Plays your music in 432 Hz mode, if you want

Undo function

Undo actions if you accidentally touch a button or select another track

And much more!

sleep timer, shuffle, repeat, share files, pre-amplifyer, headset button control, ...


Read what people are saying about Music Folder Player

“Awesome Fully loaded, fully customizable, bookmarks your place in all different things you're listening to, restarts after interruptions, amazing idea, Thank you!”

- Rafi H.

“Great music player for folder users... Like my podcasts and music stored by folders. Big buttons in the car mode are also very helpful.”

- Justin

“The best Music player on Android The best player to listen music. Have been using this player for years and hats off to developer for prompt updates. ”

- Devesh B.


A small collection of screens

Main Screen

Folder List

Track List

Main Menu

Equalizer Screen

Experimental Effects

Dark Theme

Car/Sports screen

Side Menu

Preferences Main Screen


Compact List View

Sleep Timer

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers the frequently asked questions.

Please have a look here before you send me a mail.

Question: Version 3.1.x does not longer run in background for a longer time. Why the hell did you do that?

In the new version of the app, this happens because Google forces us app developers to target Android 12 or newer for app updates. For apps that are targeting Android 11 or 12, a very strict "battery optimization" is automatically active, which causes that an app cannot run in the background for a longer time. Android terminates an app after a certain time (depending on the settings) if it is not running in the foreground with the display turned on.

When you started the new app version 3.1.x for the first time, you have seen a dialog regarding battery optimization settings. The dialog also contains a warning that not following the recommended changes, it will likely lead to problems. What you experience sounds like one of the problems the dialog was warning about. You can go to the Android app settings and disable the battery optimization for the app manually. Alternatively, un-install and re-install the app. Then follow the steps shown in this video:

There are also other options in the general Android settings that can cause an app to be forced to quit. These can be found in the battery options of the phone. Very often this is called "Power Saving". The following page provides hints for different manufacturers: https://dontkillmyapp.com/ Another similar website is this one: https://www.geekdashboard.com/stop-android-killing-apps-background/

As a last resort, you can download the old version of the app from here:

If you use the payed version, please send me the Google Order Number via email.

Question: What the hell changed in Version 3.1.x?

Let me share some general words about the new version of the app.

It took two years to implement all the changes Google requires for apps targeting Android 11 and newer. This is basically a newly developed version of the app. Google is forcing app developers to target Android 11 or newer which has some dramatic consequences. File and folder access is now extremely restricted. The only exception to this are file manager apps which can still access all files and folders without restrictions. Scanning and reading files and folders is now 70 times (not 70%!!!) slower than before. I worked really hard within the last two years trying to mitigate all of that, but there will surely be cases where not everything works out of the box immediately. Please keep in mind that the old version of the app was developed continuously for 11 years and therefore all kinds of issues were addressed there. It will surely take a while until the new version has reached this level as well.

I ask for your indulgence during this time, as it was not my idea to introduce all these restrictions, but Google's. I'm just a hobby developer, working on that in my spare time, but I assure you, I'll do whatever I can.

Question: After updating to version 3.1.x, I don't see files in some folders.

Google thought it was a great idea that apps targeting Android 12 (which Google is forcing us app developers to target as of today) should only be able to "see" the files which are indexed in the Android media data database (unless the app is a file manager app). Apparently this is not the case on your device. I can't do anything on my end to fix this.
Usually this happens because there are files with the name '.nomedia' in a folder. This tells Android not to index the folder and all sub-folders. All files in such folders won't be visible to the app. You need to remove all ".nomedia" in all of the folders (including parent folders). Please be aware that these files are "hidden" because of the dot at the beginning. Not all file managers show such files by default.

In all cases you have to restart the phone and wait a while for Android to rebuild the database. This can take up to 15 minutes or even longer if you have a an extremely large number of files and folders. After that, the files should show up.

If not, please try a clean re-install of the app with the following steps. Please don't skip any of the steps, even if you think it doesn't make sense.

1) Clear cache and data of the app in the Android app settings
2) Un-install the app
3) Reboot the device
4) Re-install the app.

Question: After updating to version 3.1.x, I see a stupid message telling me that the app is running. Why are you torturing me with something like this?

Google thought it is an awesome idea that Android shows such messages automatically for apps which can run in the background. This message is NOT from my app. Android shows that to make you aware that there is a backround app and they forgot to give you a way to tell Android that you know that you don't care.

Depending in the device, such message may only appear if you start the app in a way where the app won't be shown in the foreground. Examples are starting the app with a homescreen widget or by using a headset button. Android usually also 'forgets' to remove this message again when the app comes to foreground.

Sorry, but there is absolutely nothing I can do on my side to fix this. Please thank Google and their brilliant UX team for that.

Question: Why do I still see advertisements? I paid for the full version.

When you buy the full version, the free version is not uninstalled automatically. Most likely you still start the free version. Please uninstall the free version or update the app icon on the home screen.

Question: What's the difference between the free version and the full version?

The full version doesn't show ads and it comes with homescreen widgets. Besides that, there is no difference.

Question: Why does the app sometimes resume the playback at the beginning and not at the previous position?

Unfortunately that's a relatively common problem which is related to the firmware of the device. It's important to know that the decoding and playback is done by the Android OS. The player is just a front-end for the Android media framework and usually does not use internal audio decoders. It's a known problem that some devices can't seek properly in long tracks. The player provides the right position to Android, but some devices are not able to seek to the given position in long tracks.
In case you are using audio files in the formats MP3 or Ogg Vorbis, I can provide an alternative. Please try enabling the internal audio decoders in the preferences section 'General'. Other users reported that the internal audio decoders are not affected by this issue. Please keep in mind that the internal audio decoders are currently in an early test phase. You may see other issues with that.

Question: Why does the app stop after a short time?

The app doesn't stop without a reason. Usually such issues are caused by Android. Some manufacturers use a very aggressive power management in order to save as much battery power as possible. Such devices stop apps which are running in background in order to save as much battery power as possible. In most cases it is possible to define exceptions for apps you want to be running in background in the battery or power management settings of the device. If that's not possible, it may help to configure a moderate battery management for the system. Sometimes other tools like the popular "cleaner apps" kill other apps in order to free memory. Here you can usually also define exceptions.

Since this issue is so common, there is even a website dedicated to this. They provide instructions on how to get rid of such limitations for the most polular manufactueres and devices. Please visit dontkillmyapp.com and follow the instructions provided there.

Question: How do I repeat a song?

Once you play a track, long-press on it in the list. There should be a popup menu where you can select 'Repeat'. Another possibility is to use the 'Quick Actions' menu. You can reach that with a long tap on the Play/Pause button. There you find some additional useful shortcuts.

Question: No lock screen controls on my Xiaomi/Miui device. Why?

That's just an issue with the settings. Go to the Android app settings and make sure to enable the following options
  • Show Notifications
  • Show app icon badges
  • Lock screen notifications
  • Allow sound
Have a look at this screenshot
If this doesn't work try to change to PRIORITY and LOCK SCREEN NOTIFICATIONS in notification settings. Also try setting Battery saver settings to NO RESTRICTIONS.

Question: I have problem XYZ with my Bluetooth device. Can you fix that?

Sorry, but the communication with Bluetooth devices is done by the Android firmware. Whatever issues you see related to Bluetooth devices, Music Folder Player doesn't have any influence on that.

Question: Does the app support Chromecast?

No. Google designed Chromecast for streaming media from the Internet. As far as I know Google still doesn't officially support streaming of local media. I'm aware that there are apps which can do that, but they are all using 'dirty tricks' like using a local web server on the phone/tablet. That comes with a lot of security risks. I don't want to be responsible for people people losing personal data to hackers. I'm sorry, but as long as Google doesn't officially support local media, I can't add Chromecast support.

Question: How can I download new songs?

That's not possible with this app. This player only plays what is already on your device. Downloading commercial music from the internet is illegal in most countries.

Question: Does this app play WMA files?

In general, WMA is supported by the player, but it depends on your device which formats are working because the player does not have internal decoders. The audio decoding is completely done by the Android firmware. Some manufacturers don't support the WMA format because the licenses are very expensive. For the same reason I can't add support for WMA if it is not already supported by the firmware of your device. The license costs would ruin me.

Question: Can you please add skipping tracks with volume buttons?

I would love to implement this. Unfortunately Android does not forward volume button events when the screen is locked. There is no clean way to implement this.

Question: Can you please add feature XYZ?

Most likely I could. Currently I develop this player in my spare time. The list of features I want to implement is already very long. Therefore I need to prioritize. If you want to see a feature which was already requested by many users, I will most likely implement it. If your feature request is very specific, the change that I will ever have enough resources to implement this is relatively low.

By the way, I will not implement a feature just because someone gave a one star rating at Google Play. For me this feels like blackmail. The chances are much higher if you send me an e-mail.

Question: Can you explain the permissions of the player?

Fortunately the Android operating system doesn't allow Apps access to all data and functions of your device. For some features the app needs permissions you grant by installing the app.
I understand that some permissions are not clear if you don't know all features of the player. The following list shows each permission and for what feature each permission is required.

Storage: This is necessary for renaming and deleting audio files. Also the playback progress is saved within each folder.

Network communication: The free version is supported by advertisements which need to be fetched from a server. The full version which does not sow advertisements does not request this permission. Phone calls: This permission is required in order to pause playback during calls. Of course the player does not read who you are calling or who is calling you.

System tools: The player can be configured to keep the backlight on. This permission is required to access the backlight.

Bluetooth: The player needs to be able to detect that a Bluetooth headset (or any other A2DP device) connected in order to switch to the car/sports mode if that's configured by the user.

Unfortunately Google missed to provide some of the permissions in a more fine grained way. For example the player can theoretically read incoming or outgoing call numbers because it is the same permission which allows to detect that a call starts.
Of course the player is not interested in any phone number. The full version requires this permission as well, but since it does not have internet access permission, it would not have the possibility to send this data anywhere. I assure you that the player does not collect any personal data. If you need further information, please contact me via email. I will answer all your questions as good as I can.

Question: I already have the full version, but I would like to support you with a donation. How can I donate?

Some people asked me about a paypal address for donations. Of course donations are welcome if you want to support the development of the player.
Please keep in mind that this is not meant to be an alternative payment method if you can't buy the full version from Google Play!
That's because I don't have possibility to provide updates and update notifications in a comfortable way. In other words, please first buy the full version onb Google Play. If you think the price is too low, fell free to donate an additional amount of your choice.
Donations should be independent from feature requests. I can't guarantee that I will implement specific features even if it comes with a donation.

You can also donate via Ethereum: 0xf29a92cD7B5b38D61877E0d96F85a5aB29188c51

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